Admin Portal

The BrightReps Admin Portal is your one-stop-shop to setup your company for BrightReps Sidekick™ and can be accessed at:


From the portal home page you can update the company settings and plan (My Company), invite and edit users (Manage Team), create process flows (Flow Builder), and enable integrations (Integrations Lab).  From any page in the application you can click the blue Home icon in the upper right to return back to the home page.


My Company

My company is where you can edit your company information and settings including the company name and plan option.

From the portal home page, click the My Company icon to access the My Company page.

Company Name

Edit your Company Name.  This name will display within SideKick and the Admin Portal and can also be referenced on auto-reply templates.

Select Your Plan

Select which plan you want your company to use.  We offer the following plan options:

  • Free- Enjoy the benefits of the Flow Builder for non-integrated steps
  • Integrated- Enjoy the benefits of the Flow Builder with all of the powerful integrations enabled including ShipStation, Arena, Shopify, and pdf creation.

Manage Team

Manage Team is where you can add new and view existing and pending team members.

From the portal home page, click the Manage Team icon to access the Manage Team page.


Invite New Team Members

Enter emails for users you would like to invite (if entering multiple emails then separate each with a semicolon) and click the send icon to invite new team members.  They will receive an email with a link to sign up as a user under your company.

Current Team Members

Under Current Team Members you can view the emails of current team members who have signed up under your company account.

Pending Team Members

Under Pending Team Members you can view the emails of members who have been invited under your company account but have not yet signed up.

Flow Builder

The Flow Builder is where you can setup process flows to be used within BrightReps Sidekick™.

From the portal home page, click the Flow Builder icon to access the Flow Builder page.  This page is a 3 step process of creating or selecting a category, creating or selecting a flow, and then building the steps for that flow.



Category is the category by which your process flows are grouped for easier reference (ex. Returns).  On the Category screen you can view all existing categories.

You can click the “+” icon to create a new category or select an existing category.

If the category has an existing process flow(s) created you can click the “v” icon to the right of the category to expand and view the existing flows for that category.

Select a Category for which you want to edit the Flows and click “Next” to continue.


Flow is the description of the process flow for which you will build steps (ex. Return an item that arrived broken).  On the Flow screen you can view all existing flows for the selected Category.

You can click the “+” icon to create a new flow for the selected Category.

If the Flow has steps created you can click the “v” icon to the right of the flow to expand and view a summary of the steps for that flow.

Select a Flow for which you want to edit the steps and click “Next” to continue.


Steps are the individual steps in a Flow (ex. Retrieve return shipping label from ShipStation). On the steps screen you can add, remove, edit and re-order the steps in a Flow.


Step Types

Step types are the different types of steps you can add and are selectable from the left column.  These range from simple rich text steps to powerful integrated steps for a specific function within a third party application (ex. Generate a replacement order on Shopify, create a shipping label on ShipStation, etc.).  Enabled step types will appear as white and selectable and disabled step types will show as gray and non-selectable.  In order to enable integrated step types you must first upgrade to the “Integrated” plan and then setup that integration by entering the required credentials in the Integrations Lab.

Adding Steps

To add steps select a Step Type from the left and drag it into the steps on the right in the order you wish to place it.  Once you drop the card a pop up will display prompting you to enter information for that specific step including a Title (displays as a step summary), Subtitle (display as subtext on the step card), and details specific to that step type.  Once complete, click Save to add that step.

Editing Steps

To edit a step click the pencil icon to the right of that step.  This will open an editable view to update the title, subtitle and details of that specific step.

Re-Ordering Steps

To re-order steps, click a step from the existing steps you’ve and drag and drop it amongst the existing steps to update the order.


Publish or Discard Changes

Once edits are made to the steps in a flow, the Publish Changes and Discard Changes buttons will highlight to indicate that you can either discard the changes or save and publish the edits.  Once Publish Changes is clicked, edits will be published real-time to users of BrightReps Sidekick™.


Integrations Lab

The Integrations Lab is where you can setup the credentials required to enable certain integrations (ex. Arena, ShipStation, Shopify).  Before using an integrated Step Type in the Flow Builder you must first enable that integration in the Integrations Lab.

From the portal home page, click the Integrations Lab icon to access the Integrations Lab page.

From this page you can select the corresponding tile of the integration you would like to setup which will prompt you for the required information for that integration.  Once setup, the tile will turn green to indicate that the integration is now enabled.

Once enabled, step types that require this integration in the Flow Builder will turn from grey to white and will become selectable.

My Profile

To view, edit, or sign out of your profile click on your avatar in the upper right of the navigation bar and select from the available dropdown.

Edit Profile

Select “Edit Profile” to edit your name, password, picture, or information.

Sign Out

Select “Sign Out” to sign out of your account.

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