Install and Sign Up


Go to your support CRM marketplace and search for “BrightReps Sidekick”.  Click to Install.

Sign Up

Once you’ve installed BrightReps Sidekick™ on your support CRM.  Open a ticket from within your support CRM and the Sidekick app will appear.

Sign Up Your Company

If your company has not yet been setup on BrightReps Sidekick™ a company sign up page will appear prompting you to sign up your company and your user account.  Enter your company name, your name, email, and password and click “Sign Up”.  As the first user at your company you will automatically be setup with an Admin profile.

Sign Up As A User For Your Company Via Email Invite

If your company is already enjoying BrightReps Sidekick™ then contact your system administrator to request an invite.  All company admins are able to invite additional users by email using the Manage Team page of the Admin Portal (see Admin Portal training).  Once invited you will receive an email containing a sign up link.  Click that link, enter your name, setup a password and click save to create a user account.

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