EasyPost: Search Shipments

EasyPost description

Sidekick allows the user to search EasyPost Shipments / Orders using the EasyPost Search Shipments step type.  This integrated step type allows the Sidekick user to search for orders / shipments over a range of time.


STEP 1:  Get EasyPost API Key

  • From EasyPost  go to Account dropdown by clicking username → Select API Keys


  • Copy Production API Keys (to be entered on Sidekick)


STEP 2: Enter EasyPost API Keys on BrightReps 

  • Go to app.brightreps.com  Select “Integrations Lab”  select “EasyPost”
  • Enter API Key:  Copied fromEasyPost (step 1)
  • Enter API Secret:  Copied from EasyPost (step 1)
  • Select “Save”


STEP 3: Add “EasyPost Search Shipments” Step Type

To enable this step type you must be on the Integrated plan and also have the integration setup in the Integrations Lab (see Step 1 and Step 2).

As an admin you can define the default date range to search

  • “Trailing Start Days” – how many days before current date to start date range
  • “Trailing End Days” –  how many days before current date to end date range.
  • “Automatically Start Searching When Step Activated” – enabling this option will run a search in the background when a ticket is loaded and flow is selected with an EasyPost step.  This will reduce load time on that step type.
  • “Auto-Complete When Tracking Link Selected” – enabling this option will auto-complete the ticket once you select a particular shipment/order rather than require the user to manually flag the step as complete

While this step will run a search using the default date ranges defined, the sidekick user can always update this date range when using this step type.




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