Rebrandly: Create branded link

Under the Integrations Lab page, find Rebrandly and click the “Set Up” button.


The Rebrandly Integration requires an API Key for authentication. To obtain an API Key:

  • Sign in to your Rebrandly account and in the upper right hand corner click the icon with your avatar.
  • Select API Keys from the dropdown menu.
  • You should see a popup listing out the API Keys you currently have. You can use one of the existing ones or click ‘New Api Key’ to generate a new key to use for the BrightReps App integration.



Copy the API Key and then go back to the Rebrandly integration page and paste the key into the “API Key” field.


Click save to finish setting up the integration. If everything went well you should see the screen update and the Status should read as “Connected”.


The step type is now active and enabled in the Step Types for the Flow Builder.


Configuring the Step Type

  • Select Domain: If your account has multiple domains you should see more than one domain available. You can choose to hide some of the domains from being shown in the menu for the Rep when in Sidekick as part of the flow.
  • Destination URL: You can enter a default value here or leave it empty
  • Slash Tag: Rebrandly lets you define a custom name for the URL part that comes after the domain. For example


  • Default Values or Empty: There is no need to specify a default value and the fields can be left empty for the Rep to fill in.
  • Dynamic Variables: You can use dynamic variables for all the values by clicking the “+” icon on the right. That will show you all the variables that are available for you to use.
  • Hidden: If you’d like not to show the field to the Rep, then add a default value and select the “Hidden?” checkbox.


Example Use Case in Sidekick



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