Setting Up the Freshdesk Integration on BrightReps

The Freshdesk integration for BrightReps Sidekick enables reps to reference and write back to fields on Freshdesk while using BrightReps Sidekick right from the ticket.  It also enables certain step types like the ability to create a Freshdesk ticket at the click of a button while on any page in your browser.

To enable this integration, please use the following steps

1. From the Admin Portal, go to the Integrations Lab and select the “Set Up” button under “Freshdesk”


2. Enter your Freshdesk Domain and API Key (instructions for obtaining each are below) and click “Save”.


Domain:  Portion of your freshdesk url before “”  (ex. if the full url is then “test” would be the domain).


API Key:  From Freshdesk, go to “Profile”, from dropdown select “Profile Settings”. From there you can copy/paste your API key.


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