Update CRM Fields

Update Fields description

This powerful step type auto-populates ticket fields while the rep is completing the ticket, thus reducing double work. This step type requires mapping on the front end, but saves reps valuable time when serving customers and managing tickets.

Depending on the CRM (Zendesk or Salesforce) the admin will have a menu of fields that can be customized to populate the ticket based on the issue and workflow.

Sample unpopulated ‘Update Field’ step (for Zendesk):


Sample completed mapping for ticket fields: 


Note: If you select “Auto Complete Step” (see above image) when setting up this step type the rep will not have to check the ‘mark as complete’ box, the step will autocomplete rendering the following message on the ticket:


If you do NOT check the auto-complete feature the rep will see the populated fields and have the option to submit via the ‘Update’ button:


We recommend that once you’ve tested your workflow you click the ‘auto complete’ box for maximum efficiency.


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