BrightReps for Freshdesk

In the realm of customer support, human workflows can be extremely inefficient.

Teams spend weeks memorizing static processes and policies to guide their work, switch and enter duplicate data between multiple systems to complete their work, and spend hours each week building reports to measure their work.

While advancements in AI and self-service technologies have offered a critical no touch solution for streamlining customer interactions without inundating frontline agents, these solutions only solve a subset of customer issues and the typical requests reaching agents are becoming more complex as a result. Consequently, the average cost of a live customer interaction has gone up 38% since 2009.

At BrightReps we believe the solution for better workflows isn’t to replace humans, it’s to invest in humans – making them more efficient and empowered to provide exceptional customer experiences. That is why we launched BrightReps Sidekick for Freshdesk, a human workflow solution designed to inform, empower, and scale customer-facing teams.


Decision Trees

As companies have grown, so to have their products, processes, and internal systems – creating a growing knowledge bottleneck within organizations making it more difficult for front-line agents to provide satisfactory support. An Accenture study revealed that 89% of customers reported frustration over needing to repeat their issues to multiple representatives. In addition to being a significant pain point for customers in the form of escalations, these knowledge bottlenecks are equally frustrating for customer facing teams with scrutinized ticket handling times and growing new-hire onboarding requirements. BrightReps helps systematically alleviate these bottlenecks through a knowledge base of decision trees.

With the Sidekick extension, teams are able to build their processes as integrated decision trees that reps can follow right from the Freshdesk ticket using a browser extension. With searchable and suggestable step by step directions available right from the customer interaction, teams are able to dramatically reduce the time to onboard and train reps, and eliminate the knowledge bottlenecks that result in time consuming escalations.

Actionable Context

As reps work through a workflow, Sidekick stores the current state of each process process for each customer. When launching a ticket Sidekick will automatically show all in-progress and completed flows for that customer, provide any notes and context from previous steps, and load to the current step of the in-progress process. Whether you’re revisiting a ticket you worked on previously or have been assigned an in-progress ticket, Sidekick provides the actionable context to pick up the ticket right where your team left off. This results in more informed customer interactions and a faster hand-off for in-progress tickets.


Customer Snapshot

Whether you’re responding to a status inquiry or just want relevant context of a customer’s journey, Sidekick provides the information you need while interacting with your customers. When launching a ticket, view a snapshot of the customer’s status (order, shipping, payment, bug, etc.) in external systems without even leaving the Freshdesk ticket. This type of data-enablement saves time, cost, and improves the customer experience.


The typical customer service agent spends 15% of his or her time finding relevant information to do their jobs and uses an average of 5-7 interfaces.  Sidekick consolidates this agent experience down to a single interface that’s accessible right from the Freshdesk ticket.

In addition to eliminating the need to toggle between different systems, Sidekick eliminates the need to copy and paste data by automating routine tasks in external tools. Whether it’s creating a shipping label, logging a bug, issuing a refund, or creating an order – Sidekick has a growing list of integrated step types that can run automatically or at the click of a button. The end result is faster and lower cost ticket handling, and more satisfied customers.



Process Analytics

As reps work from Sidekick, BrightReps collects data to accelerate your process feedback loop with analytics. Using BrightReps managers can view a heatmap of step completions to see how each process is being followed, time taken by step to identify process bottlenecks, and rep feedback to isolate process pain points. In addition, they can view pareto-level metrics comparing the most completed, longest to complete, and most reviewed processes to identify process areas in need of improvement. This level of visibility is the difference between long cycles of inefficient processes and continuous process improvement leading to improved operational efficiencies.

Real-Time Dashboard

In addition to process analytics, BrightReps provides a real-time view of in-progress and recently completed work that’s parsed by rep, category and process. Using the real-time dashboard, managers are able to see the activity status and work queue by rep to identify resource bottlenecks as well as a pareto of all in-progress work by category, process, and step to identify the most common requests currently facing the team and identify bottlenecks in the process. This level of real-time visibility enables managers to allocate, empower and unblock their team where necessary.


Whether it’s for context driven instructions, time-saving integrations, or meaningful process analytics, see why hundreds of companies are making their human workflows better with the BrightReps Sidekick + Freshdesk integration – now available on the Freshdesk marketplace.


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