EasyPost: Search Shipments

Sidekick allows the user to search EasyPost Shipments / Orders using the EasyPost Search Shipments step type.  This integrated step type allows the Sidekick user to search for orders / shipments over a range of time. 3 SIMPLE STEPS TO SETUP STEP 1:  Get EasyPost API Key From EasyPost → go to Account dropdown by clicking username → SelectContinue reading “EasyPost: Search Shipments”

Update CRM Fields

This powerful step type auto-populates ticket fields while the rep is completing the ticket, thus reducing double work. This step type requires mapping on the front end, but saves reps valuable time when serving customers and managing tickets. Depending on the CRM (Zendesk or Salesforce) the admin will have a menu of fields that canContinue reading “Update CRM Fields”