Bitly: Create short URL

The Bitly integration allows you to create a short url as part of your flow.

Setting up the integration

As with other integrations you must first visit the Integration Labs page in and click “Set Up” on the Bitly integration before the step type is enabled as part of the Step Types in the Flow Builder.

To enable the integration you must sign in to your bitly account and allow access for the BrightReps app.


Click the ‘Click To Connect To Bitly’ button. That should open up a new window asking you to sign in to your Bitly account.


Once you’ve signed in the next step will ask for your permission to allow access to the BrightReps app to access your account.


If everything went fine with that step the window will close and you will be redirected back to the Bitly Integration page which should now say ‘Connected’ under Status.


The step type is now active and enabled in the Step Types for the Flow Builder.

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