Why We Started BrightReps

With on-demand lifestyles evolving, mandatory remote working environments, rides and food, to movies and dates, there is an expectation of instant delivery. So why not with customer support? There are more ways than ever for customers to contact support, through emails, chats, tweets, and good old-fashioned phone calls, but the tools used by reps to actually resolve customer issues are severely lacking.

The Harvard Business Review had a great article in their Jan – Feb 2017 publication, called “Kick Ass Customer Service.” A key takeaway was that as self-service options for customers have improved, problems that make it through to actual reps are inherently harder to solve, yet support teams are still largely using the same processes and tools they have been for decades. Support reps are getting fed up and quitting at an alarming rate, and the cost to companies for handling live service interactions has increased dramatically.

As new software products have emerged, departments within companies are increasingly getting their own purpose built platforms, instead of relying on single ERP systems to run the business. That’s great for those individual departments, but reps often have to interact with all the different tools used across the company. This usually results in having a ridiculous number of browser tabs open while manually copying and pasting data between them.

So what’s the solution? Well there are a lot of smart people trying to replace human reps with AI. Here’s the catch though: as AI improves, the issues that make it through both the layers of self-service and AI will be inherently even harder. If everybody’s working on AI, then human reps handling the inevitable escalations will be stuck with the same old processes.

There’s also the question of whether customers really want to talk to a bot when they’re trying to talk to a company. Contacting support for a company is different than asking Siri or Alexa a question; you bought something from that company, had a problem, and made the effort to personally reach out to them. What kind of message does it send from the company if it’s not worth having a person respond?

We believe there’s tremendous room for improvement in the tools support reps use when responding to customers. That’s why we built BrightReps Sidekick, an app that gives reps step-by-step instructions on how to resolve customer issues, and comes with pre-built integrations to the other software products used at your company. Basically, it eliminates the need to flip between browser tabs or memorize processes, letting reps work quickly and efficiently, and focus on delivering that human touch to customers.

Support reps can make or break customer experiences for your company. Great ones can turn detractors into promoters, and help create lifetime ambassadors for your brand. We’re here to make that easy.



BrightReps Sidekick™ is a process flow application, powered by integrations, and designed to run seamlessly as an app add-on to your existing support CRM.  Using BrightReps Sidekick™ your support reps can receive customizable turn by turn directions and powerful automations without leaving the support ticket/case.

CRM Compatibility

BrightReps Sidekick™ is currently compatible with Zendesk and Salesforce CRM systems.  The application can be downloaded and installed directly from their app marketplace.


We’re always adding to our library of available integrations.  We currently offer integrations with:

  • Arena
  • ShipStation
  • Shopify
  • EasyPost

Our full list of integrations is available on the Integrations Lab section of the Admin Portal.  If there are any critical integrations that would solve a major pain point for your company we’d love to hear them.  Please send any feedback to support@brightreps.com.


BrightReps Sidekick

BrightReps Sidekick™ is a customer support platform that connects people with their processes and tools and is available as an app add-on via the Zendesk and Salesforce marketplace. 

Using BrightReps Sidekick™ a support rep is able to leverage all of the process flows and integrations you create and configure within your BrightReps Admin Portal.

As you launch into a ticket in your support CRM, BrightReps Sidekick™ will help guide you in processing that ticket including:

  • Real-time status of that customer  (e.g. Order status on ShipStation, Quality Record status on Arena)
  • Searchable process flows with turn by turn directions for the rep to follow
  • Powerful integrated steps to process and return information across platforms without leaving the current page (e.g. create a return shipping label via ShipStation, auto-email the customer with a link to the return label, and place a replacement order via Shopify all at the click of a button)

Zendesk Reply Copy 7

Sidekick Navigation

The BrightReps Sidekick™ landing page has four main components.

Landing Page

  1. Status – Status of that customer in an integrated system
  2. Search – Search for a specific flow or category by name. 
  3. Suggested Flows –  Favorited or suggested flows based on relevant ticket attributes.
  4. In-Progress / Completed Flows –  Flows that have been started for that ticket.  



The status is a configurable widget that provides the real-time status of a particular customer in an integrated third party system.  If your company has enabled the status of a particular integration from within the Integrations Lab then the status of that customer within the respective system will display as soon as the ticket loads (ex. Status of last shipment via ShipStation).


To search for a specific process flow or category, click into the search bar and begin typing the name of the flow.  When immediately clicking into the search bar a dropdown of all categories will appear, indicated by a blue category icon.  As you start typing, any suggested flows or categories containing that text will appear in the dropdown and can be selected.

Suggested Flows

Flows that are either favorited / pinned on the admin portal Flow Manager or suggested based on relevant ticket attributes matching the name, description, or tags for the flow.

In-Progress / Completed Flows

This section contains flows that have been started for that specific ticket.  In-Progress Flows are indicated by an orange In-Progress indicator. Completed Flows are indicated by a green checkmark.

Flow Components

Flows are structured on Sidekick with three primary components.


These are the groupings of flows.  You can navigate categories from the search dropdown (indicated with a blue Category icon).  When selecting a category, all flows in that category will display.


These are your process flows which once selected will reveal the steps.  You can find these both by search and under suggested flows.


Once a flow is selected you can view the corresponding steps within that flow step by step.  All step types will display differently depending on the step.

Integrated step types will contain dynamic features such as ability to search a third party system, generate shipping label, create a quality process record, or generate a replacement order.

Non-integrated step types will provide detail such as custom instructions for your team, a decision tree, an auto-update to ticket / case fields, and templated replies or comments.

Data from the ticket, such as customer name and email, will automatically pull into the fields of the steps to help streamline, though these can always be edited as needed.


Completed and Notes

At the bottom of each step you can flag it as completed and add notes.  This is especially helpful for cases where you may not be able to complete the ticket in a single session or will need to handoff the ticket to other team members.  In addition to displaying the notes and completed status we will also display the date and user that completed that step. Some integrated steps will complete automatically based on a trigger and others, such as rich text steps must be manually marked as complete. 



Arena: Create Quality Process


The Arena Create Quality Process step is an integrated step type that allows the Sidekick user to create one of many quality process types on Arena and populate with custom mapped data including issue description, product id, date, case/ticket url, etc.


STEP 1:  Get Workplace ID From Arena

  • From the Arena home page, select Settings
  • Go to the browser URL and copy the workplace id appended to the end of that URL (to be added to BrightReps)


STEP 2: Enter Arena Workplace ID on BrightReps 

  • Go to app.brightreps.com  Select “Integrations Lab”  select “Arena”
  • Enter Workplace ID:  Copied from Arena (step 1)
  • Select “Save”


STEP 3: Add Arena Create Quality Process Step Type

To enable this step type you must be on the Integrated plan and also have the Arena integration setup in the Integrations Lab.  To add this step type, from your Flow Builder click “+” (Add Step icon) and select “Arena Create Quality Process”.

As an admin you must first define the Process Template (ex. NCMR).  This will render a table of all the values specific to that template in your Arena instance on the left and CRM ticket / case values specific to your CRM instance on the right.   To map values simply select on the right the CRM value you wish to map to the corresponding Arena field on the left.  If you don’t wish to map a value, you can leave that field as blank.

Quality Process Templtate


ShipStation: Create Shipping Label


The ShipStation Create Shipping Label step is an integrated step type that allows the Sidekick user to generate a shipping label using their ShipStation account.




STEP 1:  Get ShipStation API Keys

  • From ShipStation, head to Account Settings 


  • Select Account and then API Settings from the sidebar on the left.


  • Click the Generate New API Keys button. Your Key and Secret will appear just above the button. Copy these to be entered on BrightReps (step 2).


STEP 2: Enter ShipStation API Keys on BrightReps 

  • Go to app.brightreps.com  Select “Integrations Lab” select “ShipStation”
  • Enter API Key:  Copied from ShipStation (step 1)
  • Enter API Secret:  Copied from ShipStation (step 1)
  • Select “Save”


STEP 3: Add ShipStation Create Shipping Label Step Type

To enable this step type you must be on the Integrated plan and also have the integration setup in the Integrations Lab (see Step 1 and Step 2).

As an admin you can define the default shipping information in addition to which fields you wish to show or hide on Sidekick.  Fields that are visible on Sidekick can be edited by the rep on a case by case basis (ex. enter the Ship From with that specific customer info on a return shipping label).

  • Ship From Info (Name, Company, Street, City, Zip, State, Country, Phone)
  • Ship To (Name, Company, Street, City, Zip, State, Country, Phone)
  • Carrier Options (ex. UPS, Fedex- pulled from your ShipStation account)
  • Shipment Details (package size, weight)

In addition to the basic default shipping information the user can configure the following options.

  • Auto Complete when Label Returned? (checkbox) – checking this box will auto complete the step once a label is generated and will save a click of flagging the step as complete.  For cases where you may want to reference the label before moving onto the next step you can leave this unchecked.
  • Auto Apply Verified Customer Info (Yes/No) –  Select Yes if you are using the “Verify Customer Info” step and want the address to be applied to the shipping fields.
  • Placeholder for Ship From: Name – If you want to add dynamic text to the Ship From field on Sidekick then you can click the + icon to add text.  If you want to apply the verified name from the Verify Customer Info step then select “Verified Customer Full Name”.