Shopify: Create Order

Shopify Create Order description

The Shopify Create Order step type is an integrated step that allows the Sidekick user to generate an order in Shopify via BrightReps Sidekick.

To enable this step type in the Admin Portal you must be on the Integrated plan and also have the integration setup in the Integrations Lab, as described in the Setup the Shopify Integration section below.

Setup Shopify Step Type

To add this step type, from Flow Builder click “+” (Add Step icon) and select “Shopify Create Order”.

Shopify Create Order
Automatically complete this step when order is completed checkbox

If you select the “Automatically complete this step when order is completed” checkbox when setting up this step type, the rep will not have to check the ‘Mark as Complete’ box in Sidekick as the step will autocomplete once the draft Order has been completed.

Select Individual Variants to Include checkbox

As an admin you can define the product variants available for reps to select when placing an order. By default the variants will contain all variants available on your Shopify account.  

If you only want a subset of those variants available to the user on Sidekick, select “Select Individual Variants To Include” and then select the variants you want to be included (all non-selected variants will be excluded from the Sidekick view). 

This feature is useful for companies that have many legacy variants but a smaller subset of variants their support team will actually be using. If you want all variants to display on Sidekick then don’t select anything.  

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