Create Shopify Order


The “Shopify Create Order” step type is an integrated step that allows the Sidekick user to generate an order in Shopify via BrightReps Sidekick.




STEP 1:  Enable BrightReps on Shopify

  • From the Shopify home page -> Select “Apps” -> “Manage Private Apps”


  • Select “Create A New Private App”


  • Enter the following information and click “Save”.


Private App Name: BrightReps

Contact email:

 Admin Permissions

Draft Orders: Read and Write

Fulfillment Service: Read Access

Orders, Transactions and Fulfillments: Read and Write

Products, Variants, and Collections: Read Access


  • Shopify will alert you that API credentials were generated. Copy the auto-generated “API key” and “Password” (to be entered on BrightReps Admin Portal)


STEP 2: Enable Shopify on BrightReps

  • Go to -> Select “Integrations Lab” -> Select “Shopify -> Enter Credentials -> Select “Save”
    • Enter Shop Name: From the Shopify home page go to “Settings” then select “General”.  Copy and paste the  “Store Name” from this page as it must perfectly match.
    • Enter API Key:  Copied from Shopify (Step 1)
    • Enter Password:  Copied from Shopify (Step 1)


STEP 3:  Setup Shopify Step Type

To enable this step type in the Admin Portal you must be on the Integrated plan and also have the integration setup in the Integrations Lab (see Step 1 and Step 2). To add this step type, from Flow Builder click “Add Step” and select “Shopify Create Order”.

As an admin you can define the product variants available for reps to select when placing an order. By default the variants will contain all variants available on your Shopify account.  

If you only want a subset of those variants available to the user on Sidekick, select “Select Individual Variants To Include” and then select the variants you want to be included (all non-selected variants will be excluded from the Sidekick view). 

This feature is useful for companies that have many legacy variants but a smaller subset of variants their support team will actually be using. If you want all variants to display on Sidekick then don’t select anything.