Decision Tree


Creating a Decision Tree at the end of a flow

Decision Tree steps provide a branching of the process based on a decision by the user (e.g. “Is order shipped?” If “Yes” then follow these steps. If “No” then follow these steps).

As an admin you can change the Title (e.g. “Is order shipped?”) and the names of the two options that will be used for the branch names (e.g. “Yes” or “No”) by modifying the Decision Label 1 and Decision Label 2 fields.

In addition to defining the Title and Decision Labels the admin must define subsequent steps for each selection. To define the steps for a specific branch you first select a decision option. Once an option is selected you can then Add, View, Edit or Re-Order the steps below that branch (see example below)


On the Flow Builder the decision tree node appears as a Diamond Icon with its two branches pointing to their corresponding next steps.4

Note: A Decision Tree step cannot be moved or re-ordered once placed in a Flow. You can however place a Decision Tree step anywhere in the flow and assign steps under a particular branch.

Creating a Decision Tree before existing steps in a flow

Decision Tree steps can be placed anywhere in a Flow. If you have an existing flow or some steps that now require a decision to be made by the rep you can add a Decision Tree step at any point in your flow.



Once you select the step type and configure it, you will then be asked which branch to place all existing flow steps under. Once saved the steps will be placed under the branch you selected.



The updated diagram also reflects this change10

Deleting a Decision Tree step

To remove a Decision Tree step from a particular flow click on the ‘edit’ icon to access that step and then click the red ‘trash’ icon on the top right. When removing a Decision Tree step you can select to keep steps from a particular branch or just delete the entire tree and keep none of the steps.