Filter Logic

Filter logic is how an admin sets up notifications for suggested flows via the Chrome Extension in Sidekick for users .  We have now made this more advanced in the Brightreps app. Like before, Admins are able to create how the notifications will appear in the chrome extension for the user.  The update for this feature is that an admin can set any or all of a specific set of criteria to create a notification for the user .

Step 1: Go to your flow builder.  Click on Edit Settings icon on the specific flow you would like to set up the filter logic for.

Step 2: Now, click on the box to add custom logic in order to suggest flows in Sidekick.

Step 3: Select +Add New Bucket to access the criteria values. The admins are able to add the specific criteria they would like to apply to Any or All of the chosen conditions. (You may choose either FreshDesk, ZenDesk, or Salesforce criteria from the drop down list.)  In the Value section, choose what words you would like the filter.  Click Save once you have filled out the necessary information.

Below is an example of using filter logic in a Salesforce ticket.

Step 4: Once filter logic is active, you will be able to see a green dot next to the flow title in your flow builder and Sidekick.  This is only if there has been a match in the criteria conditions set by the Admin in the flow builder.



Step 5: The flow match will appear at the upper right hand corner of your Freshdesk or Salesforce screen.  It will look something like this:

Step 6: In order for filter logic to work, each user must:
Go to the top right of your portal and choose EDIT PROFILE.

Select Show Notification on Criteria Match

Select Save Changes

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The flow match will also appear at the top of the Sidekick application.  An example of this can be seen below:

Note:  The flow match notification will read whatever text you have entered in the Settings portion of the flow you are using filter logic for.

You may use this process for any flow you create in either Freshdesk, Zendesk or Salesforce. (More integrations to come!)

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