GitHub: Open New Issue

The GitHub integration lets you to create a new GitHub issue record within an existing repository.

Configuring the Step:

From an existing flow on the Flow Builder:

Click the plus (+) icon to add a step.

Select step “GitHub Open New Issue”

Enter required information including: Title, Repo Owner Name, Repo Name, Issue Title, and Issue Body.

You can click the “Hidden?” boxes to hide that field from the Sidekick user.

  • Repo Owner Name: The owner name for the repository
  • Repo Name: The repository name
  • Issue Title: A title for the new issue to be created.
  • Issue Body: The content to include in the New Issue to be created.

Note: you can use dynamic variables in all the above fields. To access all the variables available to you, click the “+” icon on the right.

Example Use Case in Sidekick

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