Manage Company

Manage Company is where you can view and edit your company settings, billing and manage users.  From the portal home page, click the Manage Company icon.


Company Settings

Company Settings is where you can edit your company information and settings including the Company Name and plan option.


Edit your Company Name.  This name will display within Sidekick and the Admin Portal and can be referenced as a dynamic variable on automated steps.


Select which plan you want your company to use. 

  • Free – All the features of Sidekick with no integrations.
  • Integrated – All the features of Sidekick including a library of integrations including ShipStation, Shopify, Arena, and Easy Post at $20 per user per month.
  • Enterprise – All the features of Sidekick, including Integrations, as well as access to our premium features such as Account Manager, Rep Console and Custom Integrations at $49 per user per month.


The billing page provides a full list of your company billing history on BrightReps including user licenses and transactional billing such as shipping labels.


Manage Team is where you can view and edit a roster of all users for your organization.  To edit a particular user, select the blue edit icon next to the user name.  This will allow you to edit both the user role and status.


The user role defines their permissions.

  • Employee – limited to using Sidekick and editing their own profile information.
  • Admin – full permissions on the Admin portal to setup your company instance including editing flows on Flow Builder, entering credentials in the Integrations Lab, and managing your team on the Manage Team page.

This defines user status, which can be either set to Active or Inactive.

  • Active status indicates a user is able to log in and perform actions based on assigned role privilages.
  • Inactive status indicates that a user is no longer able to log-in. This allows admins to deactivate users once they leave the organization while still maintaining a record of their legacy activity and user information. 
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