Reorder/Move/Merge Steps


To re-order steps, click on the desired step to drag and drop it amongst the existing steps to update the order. The process visual will re-render on the right.


To move or copy steps and decision trees, hover over a step on the Flow Diagram and select the blue menu icon that appears to the left.  Once you select “Move” or “Copy” all available spots to place the step will appear in green on the Flow Diagram.


From the last step of a flow branch, you can merge that step to other existing steps in the flow.  Simply hover over the step on the flow diagram, select merge, and select which step you want to merge it to that’s highlighted in green.

NOTE: it must be the last step in that flow branch for the merge option to appear


Unmerge Steps

Unmerge/Unlink the merged steps by clicking on the (+) of the step that is merged into another step.

Some examples of these step types would be any of the below steps circled in red.

Once you click on the (+) symbol, you are now able to hover over the link icon, which is to the right of Select Step Type, at the top of the step page that was opened. Click on the link icon to unlink steps.


Once edits are made to the steps in a flow, the Publish Changes and Discard Changes buttons will highlight to indicate that you can either discard the changes or save and publish the changes.  Once Publish Changes is clicked, edits will be published real-time to users of BrightReps Sidekick™.

Flow Builder automatically saves your edits as a draft.  When making edits you can undo/redo edits made in that session.  Select “Discard Changes” to discard edits since the last published version.  Select “Publish Changes” to publish your current edits.