Admin Portal


The BrightReps Admin Portal is your one-stop-shop to setup and manage your team on BrightReps Sidekick™.

Below is more information on each section that you will find in your BrightReps Admin Portal.

The Flow Builder is where admins manage and setup the process flows to be used within BrightReps Sidekick™. 
Click on the Flow Builder icon above to learn more!
The Flow Analytics page is where admins can view relevant flow usage and feedback data. Click on the Analytics icon above to learn more!
The Real-Time Dashboard page is where admins can view real-time information about each flow. Click on the Real-Time icon above to learn more!
The Integrations Lab is where the admin can setup the credentials required to enable certain integrations (e.g. Arena, ShipStation, Shopify, EasyPost).  Click on the Integrations Lab icon above to learn more!
Manage Company is where you can view and edit your company settings, billing and
manage users. Click the above Manage Company icon to learn more!
If you made it this far, you may already be fairly familiar with our Resources page. This is where you can find any and all BrightReps information! Just click the icon from your Admin Portal, and have easy access to set up instructions, integration information, and much more!